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We at CULTIVARTE believe that art creates conscience.
Art is reflection. Art is intellect.
Exploring, and creating Art is to reinvent the world, a celebration of life and freedom…ART IS IMPORTANT.
Men, Women, and children,
they came and took the simple matters of
sliver, wind, fulgor, clay,
and with so many little things,
Built walls, floors, and dreams.

Pablo Neruda


The arts education program CULTIVARTE, is an out-of-school, non-profit project, which promotes the artistic development of children of low resources. This project provides opportunities for artistic expression, and gives free rein to their creative potential.

The student’s results have been favourable. Student performance has shown an improvement in their ability to focus their attention, and helped in their psychomotor development.

Each art class is an exercise in creativity that has helped the students solve problems, for example, the ability to discern differences and similarities between shapes and colours.

The children`s visual and linguistic expression, learned through creating Art, is brought forward into their daily life.


The philanthropist Bryan Siobahan created the Educarte project fifteen years ago. She, along with Antonio López Vega, a painting teacher from the Instituto Allende, decided to go to low-income communities around San Miguel de Allende with the idea of developing the artistic skills of the children; As well as, to continue with their artistic development. This was a great learning experience for the children; as well as, giving another opportunity for the children to live an alternate lifestyle.

The program ‘Educarte’ was run by Siobhan Bryan and Antonio Lopez Vega for two and a half years. They taught to over one hundred students in different communities. The program was unable to continue due to an illness.

In 2009 the program resumed and Rancho Viejo was selected by the community to receive Arts Education. The program was successful, up to ninety kids attended every session.

After a financial crisis in Mexico, the Community Church of San Miguel de Allende, Feed the Hungryand the Instituto Allende sponsored the project. The program lasted just for one school year.

In 2014, the rural school Emiliano Zapata, in Fajardo DE Bocas, ‘Educarte’ began to deliver their Art Program on Saturdays. It was decided to limit the program for thirty students in order to provide a better quality of teaching. Dedication to the creative process appealed to a smaller group of students.

Another one of the project’s goals was to establish a children’s Art Museum. Children’s art shows adults what we have forgotten; the simplicity of being human. We want to celebrate the freedom of spirit shown in children`s Art, and to promote its importance, and enjoyment.

The Texas A&M University, The Community Church of San Miguel de Allende, Vía Organica, and The Instituto Allende PROUDLY sponsor Educarte, which is now called CULTIVARTE.


The Educarte/‘Cultivarte’ program/project has to date been dedicated to the teaching of drawing and painting. It is now decided to educate the students in the Art of ceramics as well. The theme that we want to focus on are the animals of the different ecosystems.

Students will begin by creating stories that are drawn in 2-dimensional planes.
Next, they will re-create their forms in cardboard in 3-dimensionS. Finally, the students will build their Art form in clay.
The student`s are learning proper, professional techniques, and methodology in order to enrich their artistic experience.

This project also helps to build the children`s self-esteem.

Marina Valadez, a professor who taught the children`s Art workshop in Fajardo de Bocas previously, has found a sustainable supply of good clay in the region to make this effort a reality.


• To Continue educating, and to foster the Cultivarte program for the children of Fajardo de Bocas
• To develop the ceramic program there in Fajardo de Bocas.
• To promote the identity and interest of Fajardo de Bocas as a ceramic center.
• To create an awareness and understanding of the history and meaning of working with clay in the students
• To enrich the program with environmental concerns and world interests.
• To improve the quality of life of the students
• To continue the Educarte program as having a positive impact on the cultural growth of the population
• To establish an Art Museum with the work of the children from the communities that Educarte services, and finally
• That the Educarte Project continues to be self-sustaining.
In addition, Via Organica has joined forces to collaborate with the children of Fajardo this year as well. Via Organica will teach the children of Fajardo de Bocas how to cultivate their own food supply and learn about choosing healthy lifestyles.