English / Español

G.I. Bill Program


Dear US Veteran friend:
The Instituto Allende is glad to invite you to apply your Veteran’s benefits with us, by taking a personal, intelectual and academic rewarding experience, learning a wide scope of Arts and Handcrafts, as well as Spanish language, which, according to One World Nations, is the world’s third most spoken language.

We are located in at the charming city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, named a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It has splendid weather — spring and summer all year long, and a relaxing cultural atmosphere. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Mexico.

Our facilities have extensive gardens, beautiful murals, and an excellent location in San Miguel’s Centro area. It is a quiet and tranquil place to study.

Art Workshops
Let your creativity to flow and experience new personal sensations and feelings in all your senses, by learning and applying a an ample variety of techniques technics and materials to express yourself your self through your art. artistical products.

You can choose among:
– Sculpture
– Painting
– Ceramics
– Basketry
– Music
– Weaving
– Engraving
– Jewelry
– Photograph

We provide have excellent and experienced instructors and all the necessary raw materials.

Spanish Language
Our Spanish language program is unique. Not only does it have sensitive instruction and practice in grammar as well as daily conversation workshops, but also includes games that make learning Spanish easy and fun, cultural and historical lessons and trips as well as music and cinema to help you learn quickly and enjoyably.

Our program is a feature of all three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, each of which takes one semester. Whatever your current level of Spanish is, you will- Learn or improve your listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

– Enjoy delightful songs and films, while you understand and learn more and more Spanish
– Visit archaelogical, ecological, cultural or artistical sites
– Become involved in local Mexican culture,
– Enjoy interesting conversations in Spanish with your classmates and teacher
– Attend stimulating lectures to learn about Mexican customs and culture
– Enjoy challenging your mind, memory, emotions, and intellect.


  • "My experiences with the Art classes at Instituto Allende have been a helpful meditation and I have grown in patience and appreciation for what art can offer one. I think the institute is quite capable of helping anyone truly interested in studying Art.

    As for my Spanish classes, my teacher is both professional and understanding. I have received many compliments on how I have bettered my Spanish in such a short time. I look forward to learning which is a really rare thing.
    It has a been a year since I started at the institute and I have no plans of stopping my classes."
  • "My experience at Instituto de Allende and San Miguel de Allende exceeded my expectations.  I began at Instituto de Allende with a beginner/intermediate level of Spanish and After three semesters I left at an advanced level feeling extremely comfortable in speaking and writing in spanish.
    I believe the two reasons why I improved my spanish was the program and the wonderful town of SMA.  Institute de Allende uses the Vista Higher Learning Program that easily explains the bridge from english to spanish and is taught by patient teachers that were dedicated to help me reach my goals in spanish.  But most importantly, the beautiful town of SMA was definitely the other reason why I enhanced my spanish.  Involving myself in the community and getting the know the Mexican people made it an ultimate experience.  If you want to learn Spanish and/or become bilingual  and have an amazing Mexican experience I highly recommend Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende."
  • "Looking back on my stay in San Miguel de Allende​ is like looking back on a dream. The town is a gem, with plenty to do any day of the week. The people, the food, the colorful buildings and trees all over the place...
    ​F​antastic weather, lots of hiking and swimming nearby. Historic buildings are everywhere, going all the way back to pre-columbian times at the Cañada de la Virgen. The art scene is thriving and the nightlife is spot-on. Really, whatever you're into, it's in SMA.
    I personally found my way to San Miguel de Allende​ via the GI Bill, which pays for students interested in studying art at Instituto Allende, which campus is centrally located in a beautifully manicured old complex dating back to the 17th century.
    ​ There were never any more than 5 students in any of my classes, which might bother me in the states, where I think it can be harder to meet people, but in Mexico it is just too easy to make friends. That said, the smaller class size in this case provided me with all the attention I could ask for, and really shaped my Spanish for the better. I'm currently studying in Granada, Spain, and I've got to say how happy I am everytime someone mistakes me for a Mexican. (If you've ever heard the Andalusian accent then you would understand my point here.)
    ​    ​
    Half of my time I​ studied​Spanish with two marvelous teachers, Ana and Bertha, with whom I became quite close over the course of ​1 semester of intense study.
    ​I spent t​he other half taking various art classes, there was still an awful lot of Spanish going on, that is, if you wanted. Most of the art teachers (if not all) speak English as well, since they often teach classes to other students from abroad.
    For art class, I spent most my six months there learning how to weave baskets with the help of my lovely instructor, Marina. She's an extremely patient and knowledgeable basket weaver, although her expertise is in ceramics. It turns out that that class was an awful lot of fun as well, but alas, one has only so much time, and the baskets really struck a chord.
     Really it's difficult to sum up everything I learned there at Instituto Allende. For right now, the whole experience just shines in my memory as something wholly worthwhile. I realize that from the outside, going to use your GI Bill at an art school in Mexico might not sound like the best idea. Rest assured, it is.​"
For more information please contact:
Bernardo A. Flores
Spanish School