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Textile Dyeing Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to appropriately treat the wool in the dyeing process, using and creating colors of your preference.
Throughout the workshop you will learn the necessary techniques and procedures to use both natural and chemical dyes.
Come and learn how to use natural dyes like plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other organic materials to dye the textiles, as well as synthetic dyes like cytochol.

Instructor: Agapito Jimenez


– 1st. session: 8 -17 June
– 2nd. session: 22 June -1 July
– 3rd. session: 6-15 July
– 4th. session: 20-29 July

Thursday, Friday and Sadurday 9:00-12:00


$210.00 USD per session
*All materials included
Reservation: $100 USD