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Holiday greetings from San Miguel de Allende!

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Hola Mexico: my self-directed artist residency!

Greetings from the cobble stone streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where I am staying, enjoying my self-directed artist residency. I am renting an apartment, and a fabulous studio space at the historic Instituto de Allende, and am staying here for a blissful four weeks, preparing for upcoming solo art shows, in 2016.

The views are spectacular: this old, colonial town is situated in the rolling hills of northern central Mexico, and if you ignore the expat population, it is highly authentic Mexican. I have been wearing out my camera, taking loads of photos along the way. Click here, to view them.

There are tales of tunnels that were dug during the revolution, that run beneath San Miguel de Allende, including one that supposedly runs from the Instituto, a former hacienda of the wealthy Canal family, up the mountain, to the family’s former primary residence, up the hill.

I created a more extensive photo album on Facebook, which shows the colours of this part of Mexico.


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